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    Janelle Nightingale
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    Change Agent
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A little about Janelle…

Janelle Nightingale

Welcome to my extraordinary world, where I, Janelle Nightingale, embody an irresistible blend of determination and enchantment. Over the past decade, I have woven a captivating tapestry within the realms of marketing and communications. Currently serving as the Executive Director and Director of Organizational Growth and Strategy at Agri Planet Uganda, I expertly merge sustainable agriculture and community empowerment. Visualize me as a swirling vortex of creativity, leaving behind a trail of mesmerizing transformations.

But let us journey beyond the boundaries of my professional pursuits. Prepare for an exhilarating adventure through the captivating corridors of my travel blog, 108 Klicks Around the World. Together, we will uncover the hidden treasures of our magnificent planet and delve into the secrets interwoven within the cosmos itself.

With an impressive record of extraordinary achievements and an unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change, I strive to infuse the world with wonder and infinite possibilities. Whether guiding Agri Planet Uganda to unprecedented heights, leading influential nonprofits and NGOs, or capturing hearts in the private and public sectors with visionary prowess, my relentless pursuit is to create a world where dreams become tangible reality.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, where the mystical realms of extraordinary souls converge. Together, let’s forge a union, infusing a touch of enchantment, and conjuring a wondrous world where existence unfolds in harmonious splendor.