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Author: Janelle Nightingale

Janelle Nightingale is an experienced Communications & Public Relations Professional with a diverse background in marketing and communications operations management, advocacy, digital marketing, fundraising, and relationship building. She has successfully developed and implemented effective communication strategies for many clients and organizations. In her personal life, Janelle is a dedicated Buddhist practitioner and enjoys meditating and exploring the teachings of the Stoics. She is also an avid traveler and loves experiencing different cultures and helping NGOs and nonprofits fulfill their missions through effective communication and collaboration.

Backlinks as an SEO tool | Janelle Nightingale

Maximizing Your SEO Efforts with Backlinking Strategies

Backlink – An Effective SEO Tool An еffесtivе optimization plan muѕt inсludе thrее main соmроnеntѕ:

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Holiday Season Content SEO | Janelle Nightingale

Maximizing Your SEO Potential with Seasonal Content

The holidays are upon us! There are officially only 120 days until Christmas. So, if you

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Leveraging Blog Content & Structure | Janelle Nightingale

How an Ineffective Blog Structure Can Harm Your Search Engine Rankings

Bloggers blog, that's what we do, but are we structuring the content well enough to

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