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The Ripples of a Single Incident: A Call for Justice and Change

Cordae Carter Midwest City High School | Choctaw Shooting

Having walked the hallways of Midwest City High School, I’ve come to recognize the spirit and strength that binds our community together. It’s a spirit that shapes us, uplifts us, and connects us all, no matter where we go or what we choose to do. As the class of 2005, I recall the echoing laughter in the corridors, the sounds of sneakers squeaking on gym floors, and the camaraderie that came from shared experiences. And just a few years later, my daughter too embarked on this journey, forging ties and memories in Midwest City.

However, today, my heart is heavy with sorrow, as are the hearts of countless others connected to this community.

Friday’s incident, which took the life of Cordae Carter, a Midwest City High School student, has shaken us to the core. A young life full of potential, dreams, and hopes was tragically and senselessly cut short. For those of us who know Cordae through mere degrees of separation, like my daughter who shared mutual acquaintances, the tragedy feels deeply personal. For a parent, it is a harrowing reminder of the fragility of life and the nightmares we pray our children never face.

We have many questions, and as the multiple law enforcement agencies involved seek answers, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that justice prevails. It’s not just about finding the person responsible for this heinous act but also understanding the circumstances that led to such a tragic end. Every link in this chain of events needs thorough scrutiny.

While the law takes its course, we must also introspect. Incidents like these force us to confront uncomfortable truths about our society. In the wake of this tragedy, I urge the Midwest City community and beyond to come together. Let’s collectively strive for a safer environment for our children, a place where they can enjoy a football game without fearing for their lives.

If you were at Friday’s game and have information, photographs, or videos that might help, please share them with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. It is not just a civic duty but also a step towards healing a community in pain.

As we mourn Cordae’s loss, let us channel our grief into a force for positive change. Let’s pledge to make our community a beacon of safety, inclusivity, and justice. Because when we stand together, we can make lasting change happen.

We can’t bring Cordae back, but we can ensure his legacy serves as a catalyst for a safer, just, and more empathetic society. Rest in peace, Cordae Carter. Your memory will drive us forward, always.

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